I've called the support number three times today and each time waited on hold over and hour.  Eachtime I was told the wait time was under 30 minutes.  


nostarcustomersup - Sorry for the longer than expected hold time. We try to staff to our members' needs, but occasionally fall short of our goals. We appreciate your feedback as it will help us improve future service. While we are limited in helping within this forum, if you reply with the reason for your support call, I can definitely explore options for you. Thanks for speaking up. - Jason

I've come to the conclusion that they simply want you to hang up, as if "members" that need to speak with a representative (versus their robotic system) are a nuisance- necessary because the love and want our money- but  are wasting their (USAA's) time and money: it's cheaper for them when the customers "say or enter your response now," and they are trying to herd us into embracing the robotic voice.

@Reid Fitzsimons, I'm sorry to hear you feel this way and for any issues you experienced when contacting us. We also have Account Specialist who can assist you via chat. To initiate a secure online chat with our 24/7 chat team, select ASK USAA on your account summary page or select Chat from the Contact Us options under HELP tab. Tricia

Don't even try using the claim, they won't even believe you regarding your claim just like what I have experienced.