I’ll try to keep this short. I had a total loss. Discovered that I had car replacement assistance coverage. I called USAA to get an explanation as to what exactly it was. I told them I had GAP insurance and they then said that they could just send me the money for car replacement assistance directly to me instead of the lien holder so that I could go out use that money to pay for a down payment and tax title and license. Sounded great and when I was told that it completely made sense to me. Come to find out they shouldn’t have paid the CRA to me and it should of gone to the lien holder because the CRA counts towards the total amount of the settlement amount that get sent to the GAP company. So GAP is calculating the amount they are paying based off the difference of what was owed on the car and what they received from USAA showing 19K on the settlement which actually included the 3200 they gave me for CRA. So basically I owe the 3200 to the lien holder cause the USAA representatives gave me completely wrong info on CRA. After talking to another USAA representative she admitted that the other representatives should of never paid the CRA out to me. I have emailed the CEO but I doubt I will get a response. USAA needs to make this right since I’m in this situation due the misinformation that was given to me by them. One of the representatives actually called the lien holder with me on a 3 way call and got them to accept settlement without the CRA included. I am now being told by another representative that the other representative shouldn’t have lead me to that and some how is trying to blame the lien holder for all his mess.


Hello JZ1981, thank you for sharing your experience. I regret hearing of your frustration and disappointment with the information you received. Your membership is extremely important to us and I want to have this matter reviewed. I have escalated this situation to a subject matter expert who will be reaching out to you to discuss. ~Nekeysha