Members Beware... Ripped off by Kearny Pearson Ford/Kia

Are all car salespeople crooks? So far haven't found an honest one...

So I'm a dummy because I believe that car salespeople are tough negotiators, but they don't lie to you... well yeah, I'm a dummy! Also, I’m a dummy because I completely forgot that my best friend from high school was a General Sales Manager at a dealership for 21 years, and I forgot to ask for his help.

I bought a 2018 Ford Fiesta as a commuter car because gas prices are killing me. I traded in my Cadillac, which I took very good care of, and the sales manager immediately low-balls the trade in.

I look at the appraisal sheet and he has me listed a "fair" condition. I ask why, and he looks me in the eye and says, "he's required to reduced my trade in because they have a $2k recon fee,” which later I find out is a lie... a big fat lie!

Later I google that and found out it means "recondition fee." Do a google search yourself and you'll see this is a scam used by unscrupulous dealers. KBB already reduces the trade in value, from the private party sale value, to account for this cost.

Apparently dealers make a crapload of money off used cars, way bigger margins than new cars, so there's an incentive for them to screw you as much as possible on trade-ins. But again, it’s a negotiation... I don’t mind a tough negotiation AS LONG AS YOU DONT LIE TO ME!

I contacted Kearny Perason Ford/Kia's GM and let him know, but he’s trying to get me to see “his cost” to repair the car, which again is total BS because that’s already figured into the KBB Trade-In Value. Then I remember my buddy from high school!

I call home and talk to Wayne, my old high school buddy who was a General Sales Manager for 21 years. He says I got royally screwed and that KP Ford will sell my car “wholesale” and get "clean book" value which will net them a big, big profit. They won’t even spend a dime fixing it up. They send it to wholesale as is and get full value!

The GM at KP Ford is like, "Wholesale" and "clean book," what's that? Ive never heard those terms? I don't know what you're talking about?


I reported them to USAA because I used the USAA Car Buying Service, so we’ll see if USAA even cares.




Thank you for bringing this to our attention @swccmouse. We really appreciate your letting us know about the service you received. We have escalated your feedback to TrueCar, our third party partner. Please allow time for review. You should expect to be contacted within 3 business days. ~ Suzy