Maryland rate increase; Ethics of Used Car Salesman

Got a call from my daughter, her car insurance is going up 25%. Says paid claims in MD have gone up. Last night saw a USAA ad spouting how USAA is reducing rates and giving back. Guess only true if you are stupid. Fire Management they are liars! Don't pay for misleading ads! and dont quibble about how you did lower rates in some location, probably isnt true anyway. 44 years with USAA and never would have believed how unethical Management has become. Board of Directions: Get your act together and hold management accountable!!!!!


Hello. I regret an frustration this may have caused you or your daughter. We never want any of our members to feel this way. I have located your account and I will be forwarding your concerns to a subject matter expert for review. While I can't provide a specific time, I appreciate your patience while waiting for a response from this area. -Nick