We got our Auto Loan with USAA, afrer speaking with the loan person we were told that if we bought through the car buying service and had our payments autodrafted we would be able to get a rate of 2.25%! We were told me qualified and took our "certificate" to the local USAA certfitifed dealer! Well guess what..... our loan came in today at 3.00%! When we called we were transfered to 3 different people who told us we were wrong and that they had no idea what we were speaking about. Also they said they could not make changes since the loan was already active. There was no manager on duty either. We got the 72 month loan and my husband has perfect credit, but for somereason we dont qualify anymore. 

Today USAA lost 2 coustomers. 



Wow. I really hope things work out for the best for you. It sound like you might have gotten ripped if you're not getting what you and the loan officers agreed upon. Please USAA don't fail these people like this. I know I will need your services one day.

I was denied an auto loan by USAA, then a few days later I received an email from them saying I'd been approved for an auto loan.  When I clicked on the link, it was a new application.  Why?  So I can get turned down again??

USAA Auto loans ARE THE WORST. A similar thing happened to me. I was quoted a rate and when the loan was financed it was half a percent higher. The USAA person I talked to said I had failed to sign some obscure box on the  back of the form - the form I was told to give to the Auto dealer. The USAA Representative said that since the loan was financed there was nothing he could do - I was stuck with the higher rate.


I decided that there was something I could do - I moved all of my Investements to another institution. I paid off the loan at an accelerated rate, and I will never get any type of loan from USAA in the future. They got an extra half percent for a few months, but lost my faith and trust.

I was promised the lower the auto loan too, however it wasn't the lowest interest rate. Toyota was able to finance it for 0% and they were able to run my credit and offer me that rate right at the dealership within an hour.

Based on the reviews I read on here I think USAA likes to keep the risk/reward ratio for their auto loans division pretty conservative. It is what it is, make sure to shop around and not rely on just USAA for your financing options.


I would like to get you in contact with a loan specialist here at USAA to review your situation. Could you please send your contact details to [expired email], including your member number and the best way to reach you? We look forward to hearing from you.

Just went through that. Navy Fed beat USAA by 1.5%. It's really disappointing because you want to use the institution you are members with.