noble eagle number

I've lost my trust in USAA and will do everything in my power to influence others to reconsider doing business with USAA.


Exactly 3 months ago, I decided to not go through with a car purchase deal and requested USAA put a stop payment on the loan check that was in the mail to the car company.  They did not do it after reassuring me on the phone that they did.  The car company cashed the check and because of that, USAA mandated that I pay USAA loan payments until the check was refunded back to them.  USAA offered little assistance in getting the refund and told me many times to seek legal support in the matter to get the refund.  After I did that and got the check refunded back to USAA a little over two months later, USAA then gave me repeated excuses that the refunded check wasn't cashed yet because of processing time and that I should check back in a week, and then another week, etc.  Now, at nearly one month since they received the refunded check, USAA tells me they sent the check back to the car company because it didn't have a loan number provided.  Now I am back to square one and required to make yet another car loan payment. 


Because of all of this, I have decided to use a different bank to purchase my new home the other day and will use a different bank for my new car purchase in a few months.  As mentioned, I will continue to influence others to reconsider using USAA as well.  USAA has great superficial customer service but once you scratch the surface, they are no better than any other big company who forgot their roots.




@Noble eagle number, I regret your frustration with the handling of your loan. I have shared your comments regarding this matter with our loan department. Feedback is important as a means to help us improve our service. Thank you for taking the time to post. -Ben

Sorry brother, can’t believe this happened. Why should it matter whether or not a loan number is on it, if the check is good, you take it and pay the members loan. I most definitely will not be using USAA for any loans, if this is the service provided. Also USAA your car loans are 3.29% lowest for used car when my local credit union offers 1.99%, way to be competitive....