Looking for a different insurance provider


Like many others, I'm deeply disappointed with the recent increases in my auto insurance rates.  I just did the calculation, and in two years our rates have increased over 30%.  During this time nothing about our coverage has changed, we have had no tickets or accidents or claims, and our vehicles have depreciated.  The only reason I get when I call is, "There has been an increase in rates in your state (Alabama)."  I'm now shopping around and finding the same coverage for approximately half of the cost.  I see the commercials for USAA that say, "I'm a USAA member for life," and all I can think is, "Why?"


I just switched to Progress*** and saved $200 every 6 months for the exact same coverage. 

Its not you necessarily, that makes your insurance go up. Its teh risk pool that you are asigned to that causes your payments to go up. You may live in an area that has a high level of theft for your model of vehicle. Though your vehicle may have never been stolen, youre in a hightened risk pool. Youll pay more.

Check around (Geico, State Farm, Pr0gressive, etc.) and see what you can find.  I am looking for other options because my rates have increased over the last couple of years and I don't believe it's from anything I did.  Turns out, Geico can give me more coverage than I'm getting through USAA for $100+ less.  I'm still researching the others, but I'm not planning on staying with USAA.

CBB, I can understand premium increases are frustrating. I've included this link: http://bit.ly/2fjaeri with information on why rates are on the rise. We value your membership and certainly do not want to see you go.I'm happy to review your policy to ensure you are receiving all savings and ensure your policy characteristics are up to date, as well as compare the quote you received. Please send a private message. To enable private messages select the drop down menu next to your name >My Settings >Private Messenger >Turn on private messages >Save. To send a message go back to the drop down menu next to your name and select the envelope. Thank you! -Cynthia  

USAA SS, I think a lot of us understand the information mentioned in the link you added--especially the section on shared risk. What we're saying is that your rates aren't that competitive for many members.  The only way to reduce our premiums is to increase deductibles, remove PIP and reduce/delete other coverages--pretty much making our policies semi-worthless. Yes, we also understand location can be everything, but if people can find better rates for the same (or better) coverage--it's a no brainer to make the move. Many of us have the impression that longevity, loyalty and a clean record no longer makes a difference when USAA calculates our premiums. It's sad by the number of complaints here and other websites--that many customers are not happy with the methods used by USAA to determine what--and if our vehicle--will be repaired/declared a loss.  USAA will take the cheapest and more convenient way out so it can--to put it in USAA's words: "remain financially strong to keep our promise to serve you and your family when you need us most."  I think a lot of members disagree with the last part of that statement. 

Nightmare with usaa, which will *not* have your back when you need your own so-called insurance company by your side. USAA did not care when I told them I would switch. They do not deserve anyone’s business.
Usaa does not care about your interests, satisfaction, loyalty, or if you switch after they screw you over.