Recently my vehicle engine had caugh fire and that vehicle is totaled. I drive quite a bit for work and was wondering how one would go about getting a small loan. I recentlly applied for one at USAA and was denied due to insificent credit history. Is there no other way to go about getting one?




Not an ideal situation , but you may have to consider buying a car from a Buy Here Pay Here Dealer.   At the least, it will help you build your credit, but you will probably pay dearly in interest.


Best of luck.

I've been shopping Buy here Pay here dealerships and the interest rate was 25% :( Even with 30% ($5,000) down

Try a local credit union. I hate to say it but they are more willing to help you as long as the car you replace the burned out car with is a good financial option. Some good military credit unions would be Security Service, NFCU, Pentagon or Air Force.


Some dealerships work to find you someone to help you finance through many other places like a clearing house for auto loans to give you.


Just be aware that each time they may run your credit that you visit a dealership and this impacts your credit score.