Why in the world would USAA penalize those of us that have a job with an excellent credit rating and limit an auto loan to a maximum of $[removed sensitive data]. The cost of vehicles is not taking a break due to COVID-19.

I understand USAAs position that they want to reduce their exposure during these times but to penalize ALL members due to a possibility of loan defaults is poor customer service. 
USAA needs to handle loans with individualized attention and make sound loan decisions based on credit score, income and the individual's track record. Very disappointed.

After 40 years I expect more from USAA.




Thank you for your message. In anticipation of a possible recession, USAA needs to ensure it is appropriately protecting the financial security of members; therefore, USAA is taking actions to tighten credit. While you may not have been financially affected, many USAA members are affected, and it is important for USAA to provide a standardized offer to protect our membership during this time.

I understand this is not what you were looking for. USAA needs to ensure it is appropriately protecting the financial security of all members and the association. We continually look for ways to improve our products and services so they are of the highest quality for our members. Thank you for taking the time to send your feedback. 

Individual attention with scrutiny of credit scores and income to debt ratios is a more effective methodology than a broad brush blanket limit. 
You have successfully sent business to a competitor that now has my business. 
Customer service used to be part of the mission of USAA.  
If the business takes care of the customer, the customer will take care of the business.


USAA is losing sight of that.

@Kabuki. I am sorry that we were not able to facilitate your lending needs in this case. I do think your feedback is important to capture and I will be forwarding it to the appropriate area to review. Your opinion is valuable and we appreciate your 40 yrs of membership. ~ Suzy

I would agree here, making a blanket limit is as effective as any and everyone getting stimulus checks, it misses the mark. I have a credit score well north of 800 and while others were giving me a 3.49% rate, USAA generated a 5.69% rate back two years ago. It’s not due to people but faulty practices concerning credit worthiness and what should be offered and as this member said, you lost business due to this. It’s much more effective to take the individuals merits into account to identify those that can handle it than to have an algorithm in the background. USAA should also have people with the authority to override that computer generated decision. Sadly you don’t have skilled individuals it seems that can risk manage over there so you have a computer do it for you and defer everything to it. It’s a shame.

@jimmyb84, thank you for reaching out. We're always looking for ways to better improve our services for our members, and I would be happy to pass along your suggestion to the appropriate team for review. - Robyn

Hi, A Tony reached out to me and I didn't realize this is what he was referring to. I think the post says it all, if he wants to reach back out, I am more than willing to discuss, but I was told specifically when I called in two years ago that the rate was the rate and no one could do anything about it. My business ended up going to a local military credit union that gave me a 3.49% rate. Not sure if things have changed, however at that point I was told it was computer generated and it no one at USAA had the authority to make it any different. 

Thank you for this message @jimmyb84. I have forwarded your feedback for review. -Colleen

I agree and was wondering. I pay my loan on and more than I am supposed to. I was approved for up to  $43,000 car loan from USAA in April I was very surprised and happy because I had been working so hard to my credit score higher after filing for identity theft and paying for things, not mine to make that possible.  It was unexpected and I did not think I would get approval for that much if approved at all. I was not prepared and could not find a car I wanted before the 45 days were up and the offer would be no longer good. Since then I've applied twice and can not get approved.  I wasn't working for four months and  I was still paying my bills and paying on my loan with usaa more than I need too. So I've also wondered what is USAA doing for the customers NOT taking advantage of being able to put their responsibility off continue to pay bills. 

@sdavlin, thank you for sharing your concerns. Please understand, due to security and privacy restrictions, I'm not able to provide specific details via social media. A letter will be mailed explaining the details of the decision. If you have further questions, you may reach us at 800-531-8722 or via chat. Tricia