Attempted to use the online loan approval service for a used car loan, was denied for the simple fact that I created this USAA account recently.  My question is how long does this take for my account to be "old enough".  My family has been apart of USAA for a long time now and the fact that I'm declined because I require the services now and did not make an account beforehand is kind of ridiculous if you ask me.  Shouldn't this be based on my loan history/credit score and not a "we don't trust you because you haven't been our club long enough"? Just my two cents sorry to rant a bit.


@mchenry95, I can understand your concern, however, please keep in mind that we consider many factors when reviewing applications for credit, such as your credit profile, ability to repay debt, and payment history.  I would encourage you to review your credit report, if you haven't done so in over a year, to help determine if there are concerns that you may not be aware of listed on the reports. You may request a copy of your credit reports for free at ~Michelle