Lexis Nexis Insurance Score

Anybody having a problem with this score.  My score is very high from Lexis Nexis but I have a strange feeling the score USAA  is using is corrupt in some way.  Maybe data.  USAA is reluctant to give me the score they are using so I can compare with Lexis Nexis.  My AUTO premiums are going through the roof and no one can figure out why.   Anybody else?

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@Greystroke- our auto premiums also increased a huge amount and when I talked to USAA, I got the same old same old story (increase in material costs, etc even though my hubby and I have had NO claims).  I also had an issue with Lexis Nexis as USAA had given me a code that was over 6 months old and no longer valid.  USAA would not tell me my insurance score as it is "proprietary" so the hubby and I did the next best thing - with help from our financial planner, we found an agent who scored insurance for us that had many more bells and whistles for less money.  This agent works with high net worth people and uses insurance companies that cater to high net worth people.  Best part of the deal - when I have a question, I just contact our agent (one person) via text, phone, or email and I get a response.  

With a near perfect record in claims, insurance score, credit rating and 60 years tenure with USAA I found my Auto premiums with the latest renewal offer increased 73 Percent over a 1 year period.  USAA assures me that everyone is seeing similar increase.  Needless to say I had to seek renewal with another company.  I may write the Board after I piece together all of my info but I am still in shock.   I have had unbroken Auto renewals since 1960. (to the best of my knowledge)   This includes taking my car overseas to Japan and then Okinawa.  I like the idea of a one agent contact.    


Because of this post I received a call from a USAA  Advisor who works closely with upper management.  She assured me that the rate increases have nothing to do with what I suspected.  Plain and simple the rate increases are for everyone so USAA can provide future coverage.  She could not provide my Insurance score as I have asked many times over the past year.  But I appreciate the call to insure me that it had nothing to do with the increases.  

I have no knowledge of the LN Insurance Scores, but I can say that my insurance premiums from State Farm are substantially below my old USAA premiums.  That is even after considering the USAA subscribers account contribution.  In fact, all of my varying insurance coverage is less costly and in some cases better coverage.  And I get to talk with my agent anytime I want and he knows who I am without a computer screen in front of him.  All of that and I live in a big city.  It is just like the old days where the local merchants knew who you were.

State Farm does not use Lexis Nexis.   I know some friends with more cars, better coverage, for a lot less premiums at State Farm.  I do not live a i big city and now use my cars for pleasure only.

@Prop Guy, I might be heading your way by the end of the year. Agree with you that the SSA contribution is doing very little to alleviate the high double-digit percentage increases on my auto/homeowners policies. There's an SF just down the road from me as well. Let me know how it goes for you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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@Greystroke, I'm glad to hear your concerns were addressed. Thanks for the update. -Cynthia 

Communication lines should always stay open.   Willing to talk at any time.  Appreciate your interest.  Usaa has been like family to me for many many years but I think the Covid years has caused problems for the company.  I will continue to have patience with the company but I changed my Auto coverage strictly for economic reasons.