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Sir (Stuart Parker, USAA CEO),                                                                        1 March 2018

I received your email announcement titled “The Value of Membership” today with your “Warm Regards”.  Thanks for sending.

I have a message for you sir:                          

1)  Stop betraying members like what Charles Sumner III did to me in 2013.  I still have not received an apology for what was done to me, utter and undeniable BETRAYAL!!!

2)  Stop wasting MILLIONS of dollars on marketing (TV Commercials) that could be returned to members' Subscribers Savings Accounts and added to annual distributions to members or to help lower insurance premiums.

3)  Make more of an effort to satisfy the needs of your members like writing homeowner's policies in Florida.  If there are USAA members living in Florida and USAA refuses to write them homeowner's policies that they NEED then USAA is FAILING to meet its member’s needs-NO EXCUSES!!! 

As far as I am concerned you need to initiate a "Make USAA Great Again" campaign because these days that place is smelling like the “Swamp” in DC sir.

Best Regards,

Todd M. Ackerman

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