Had to pick a topic, so since this issue was the one to brake the camels back here goes.

Recently bought a new vehicle using the mobile app to finish the paperwork I had elected bi-weekly payments and it showed up as monthly.

Customer service (used to be great and personable) basically told me no help unless I refinacned the whole loan, sad state of affairs.

So I went thru all the all the steps to see what the refi would do for me, not suprising they wanted to raise my intrest rates+SAD

the rep then told me I could go cancel my auto draft and redo it for what I wanted for up to 6 months. NOT

They raised my auto insurance again with no claimes from me for anything of my fault in years.

In the process of checking other insurance compaines, moving my IRA, savings checking, direct deposit.

again its sad since I have been using them for 21 years now.

Do I think or should you as an indivdual think they care, Dont fool yourself. Steady decline in service and rates forces me to move on. 


@Dillingham, I'm saddened to learn that you intend to leave USAA, especially after 21 years. We certainly don't want to lose your business. I'm sharing your post with the appropriate team for review. ~DC

USAA doesn’t care!  Smart move at @Dillingham.

Had an email and two calls about 10 minutes before whoever must have been leaving for the day.

Tried to call back left my name and number but no call back...Great job

@Dillingham, I am sorry to hear that you couldn't get connected with the specialist.  I am forwarding your experience to the appropriate area for further review.   If you are needing immediate assistance, please call USAA @ 800-531-8722 to have your additional concerns and questions answered.  ~ Marco

I too am leaving USAA after 8 years.  I have (soon to be had) credit card and CD’s. I hadn’t used the credit card much and get a letter from USAA stating  “the decision was based on your account inactivity for an extended period”. Not for any credit worthiness issues.  My credit score is excellent at 840.  USAA changed my credit limit from $20,000 to $500.  Complete insult. Spoke with Office of the President and was told the credit limit won’t be changed.  I closed all my accounts and will NEVER

use USAA ever again!!!!!!!


@Leaving-now, Don't feel bad. Started with USAA back in the mid 1980s. My daughter only managed to only get a $300 credit limit from them and she was in grad school, scholarships, etc. Had her close her accounts and move to NFCU and she got 20 times more. She put a block on her USAA CC with the $300 limit and interestingly enough--USAA has yet to send her any letters. I believe her card expired last year. Alomst two years since I also closed every banking product (Ck/Sav/CD/IRA/Investments/Direct Deposits) we had with USAA and moved it over to NFCU/Vanguard. Sometimes you just have to do it and not look back.

@ USAF_Ret.  Yes..change it not a bad thing. 👍😎


My husband has been a member of USAA since he was 16.  First under hs father, an army officer, and lastly under his own service to this country.  He is now 61 years old.  We had a rock hit our windshield by a passing dump truck, during a trip which caused a crack.  We were told that they would not cover it under our policy even though we have full coverage with glass repair/replacement and all the extras.  They said they cover windshield repair but not replacement, at least not in Texas.  So although we pay higher premiums for lower deductible of $500.00, they said we have to make a claim under comprehensive with that deductible.  It is a shame when you have been with a insurance company over 45 years that you have to consider changing because they dont want to cover as they did previously.  And you are right, the Customer Service is not NEAR what it used to be.  When my husband asked to speak to a supervisor, she told him that they did not have a supervisor and hing up on him.  It is ongoing issue,

@DSH75, thank you for your membership and I regret to hear about your displeasure with the auto glass claim.  I asked a member of management to follow up with you to further discuss your concerns with the claim.  They will be contacting you within one business day.  Thanks ~ Robert.