I want to buy a car. I live in Philadelphia How could I obtain a cashier's check? I know there is a purchasing debit limit and there is no USAA branches out here. Please someone point me in the right direction. ....Mestre over and out!!


Hi Spec.mestre,

If you bank with USAA, you can order a cashier's check online and have it delivered via FedEx. If you need assistance, give one of our banking specialists a call and they can walk you step by step through the process online. Hope that helps!

Good Afternoon. Is there a place I can get a cashier's check locally with no fee?  For example, the UPS store will deposite checks for free.  Thank you!


Thanks for your question. You can use this locator to see where locally you can get an official check.



USAA - USAA Locator 2014-12-12 14-43-11.png

Hope that helps!

I also wondered about obtaining a cashier's check. Having worked in property management, I know time can be of the essence when you're competing for a rental unit and have to get the security deposit in to secure it before another eligible applicant does. So, if I order a certified check and it doesn't arrive in time, can I re-deposit it into my account?



A banking representative will be reaching out in order to further assist you. Thank you.