I live near Lake Tahoe, so Carson City, Nevada is 15 miles away and Reno, Nevada is 25 miles away. In searching for USAA certified Lexus, Range Rover, BMW and Audi dealers ... there are none!  Only dealer that I found so far is a Ford dealer in Carson City.  What is wrong with the dealers in Reno?  Are they unethical?  Are they unreliable?  Why is USAA not using them as part of the program?  Is there some type of "payment or consideration" required of the dealer that they are unwilling to pay?  Is this a service for members or a profit-making operation for USAA? Why is there NO ONE within 100 miles? 


Dear Lake Tahoe Member,

As a HUGE fan of the lake Tahoe area, I can sympathize! I will ask a few folks here what gives. Thank you for commenting and for your question!

Thank you.  I appreciate any information and assistance that you can provide.

Did no one know?  I haven't heard from you.

Dear Lake Tahoe Member,

I apologize for my delayed response. I did share your suggestion for additional dealers in your area to the right area. Your feedback will be used in consideration of future product and service enhancements. Thank you for sharing your experience!