I'm posting my experience here hoping I will get resolution because I'm not getting calls back from managers or customer care as promised.  One night in December my son called me at 1am to tell me he'd run out of gas and could we bring him some.  He had called Roadside Assistance and it would be 1 1/2 hours.  We live in Maine.  The temperature was 15 degrees, it was snowing lightly, and he was on the highway.  He didn't want to wait 90 minutes.  We agreed and would bring him gas.  By this time he had received a text notifiying him of the towing company that would come.  He called that phone number to cancel and they informed him that they weren't planning on coming after all as they were 90 minutes from him.  He called USAA to cancel and they processed the information.  My first concern was that the tow company decided not to come after accepting the job and wasn't going to call my son.  Turns out they were coming from a rural town when my son was on a highway 30 minutes between two major cities with smaller cities in between.   Think sending someone from Albany NY to help someone outside NYC (on a smaller scale).   When I called Agero the next day they told me the call had never been put through to a towing company (we have text messages to show it had) but they would escalate the call and I (the mom) would get a call back in 3 - 5 days.   My son got a call 2 days later and left a message saying they would follow through with the towing company.  No other calls after that.   I noticed a claim on my account but figured it would get sorted out within a week.  Much to my surprise USAA paid the claim to some towing company.  When I called the claims department said it was a contracted amount to Agero.  Since a claim was open they have to pay $58 to Agero.  Agero has no reason to follow through on issues if they get paid no matter what.  I wanted the claim removed since service wasn't rendered and wasn't going to be according to the towing company.  I have talked with claims twice, a supervisor once.  The supervisor said the claim can't come off.  I said that was unacceptable and to escalate my call.  This feels like insurance fraud by Agero.  He said he'd contact 'customer care' and would communicate my concerns and that they would call me back in 2 - 3 business days.  It's been over 7 business days and nothing.  The claim is still on my account.  I have canceled Roadside Assistance with USAA and recommend everyone else do the same.  AAA is a lot more expensive but they have a better system for connecting you with a tow truck.  The last claim I made to USAA was in 1992.  I'm concerned if I ever need to access my insurance policy I will be met with similarly poor service.   I would like someone to remove the claim from my account and to call me and apologize for the lack of customer service.


ateksmom, I am sorry to hear about the experience you and your son encountered with your roadside assistance claim.  I asked a member of management to research your situation further and to follow up with you as soon as possible.  They will be contacting you soon.  Thanks ~ Robert.

This seems to be a standard response from USAA "asked a member of management to research your situation".   That is another way that USAA says:  "we are telling you something to make you feel like we give a s**t and then hopefully you will forget and we keep more of your money".   FYI -- the second time, and third time you call they tell you the same BS!!   USAA has lost all credibility and is an absolute sell out!!   They don't give a rats a** about all of us who served our country!!   All they care about is taking more and more of our money with their lies and deception!!!


I got two calls today (3 business days after my posting) when I got home from work.  One from USAA.  The other from Agero saying they were having management look into the issue - the same message my son got after I called them in December.  So disappointed.  I'll call USAA back tomorrow but I refuse to work with Agero because they have done nothing.

Agree!! they are not the SAME USAA of past. The quality of reps they hire now just don't give a care and lack empathy. It is kind of like calliing Bank of America. I have been a loyal customer for almost 20 years and I now so dissapointed and upset over USAA banking services. I have been getting my IRS refund (joint tax return) direct deposited into my INDIVIDUAL account for long as I can remember and I learned today from the IRS that they the refund this year is delayed and a paper check will be mailed because USAA rejected the refund. I called and was RUDELY told it is because USAA refuses it since its a joint deposit??? REALLY. We have always had separate accounts, wasn't a problem then, but it is now!!! This is the last straw. I should have listened to my son and moved my business to Navy Federal Credit Union before filing. Shame on me, but I will going today to open an account and move my direct deposits over. No more of getting crapped on by USAA. Thanks for the notice and lack of communication!!! You don't serve the Veterans or Military members well when this is causing us issues!

That’s absolutely outrageous! No wonder auto premiums keep going up. You should contact your state commission about this. USAA not what it used to be.