I have been a USSA member for many years. I have had no problems up until a couple days ago. My husband got in a car accident Wednesday evening. He was told the tow truck would come at 5pm. The tow truck didn’t arrive until 7:30pm. Then USSA told my husband his car would be towed to our house since the collision facility closed. So, they told him our car would be towed from our house to their collision center on Saturday. Somehow they had our old address from 3 years ago stored in their system (which I changed 3 years ago) and scheduled the tow truck and facility in Orange County when the system clearly states we are and have been in San Diego for 3 years. So, that caused a massive delay and said they can’t tow the car until Monday. Here we are on a Monday and still haven’t heard anything from USSA or the tow company. In the last year when I have had a car towed, USAA or the tow company would call me to at least give me a time frame of their estimated arrival. Nope, not this time! I am super disappointed. We have called to follow up several times and we talk to a different adjuster every time who is unaware of the situation. I understand it’s the holidays but there is a massive lack of communication between their adjusters and the tow company’s they have contracted with. The times I have had any of our cars towed in the past, everything ran smoothly and there has never been this much of a delay or lack of follow up on their end. Not a happy customer.


@RDE927, It’s disheartening to hear about your experience, and I apologize for any inconvenience or frustration. I am going to escalate your concerns to a subject matter expert for review. They will research the details of your claim and will follow-up with you. Please expect contact within 1-2 business days. -LeKisha

Do you have AAA where you are? If so, I would highly recommend them. One tow makes the membership worth it and I have used it three times in the past three years or so and they have always been timely and professional.