Just got dropped by USAA - 35 yrs of paying for Auto Insurance

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I just got dropped as well and I am a 35 yr member of USAA.  They stated it was because of my family driving record.  The person that handled my case was rude and was not willing to even investigate.  Sure I have three kids - 21, 19 and 17 but between them they only had two tickets.  I am a vetran and have always liked USAA and recommended them but NOT ANYMORE!!!!  


Hi Razorback82! I regret any frustration this situation caused you and am happy to forward this matter to the appropriate area for further review. I appreciate your continued patience and allowing us this additional opportunity to address your concerns. While I can't provide a specific time for being contacted we appreciate your patience while waiting for a response. Thank you.  

If this is the kind of response we can expect from USAA just for a couple of traffic tickets (many do pay higher premiums for under 25 because of the high risk factor)--then we're all in trouble.  e continue to pay high premiums even after the magic age has been obtained--even if the record was clean. The notice you received from USAA and the response by the CSR on this post is troubling to say the least. It definitely gives me the motivation (and maybe others) to start researching other insurance providers. If this is the way USAA (and the CEO of this company) plans to treat it's members whether they've been with them for decades or just a couple of months--then everyone needs to a have a back-up plan. You would think that loyalty is supposed to be a two-way street, but these days--it seems to just be coming from one side--the member.  I hope things work out for you and your family.

Loyalty means nothing to the new USAA and this is coming from a 40 year member.  Best to take your business elsewhere.  You will save money and receive better customer service.

Well, I am s former spouse of a veteran and had USAA for over 15 years. They dropped me just before an old accident would no longer be legally eligible to affect coverage. They had never increased my policy even after the accidents. The clincher, they did not provide clear information on the accidents and will not cooperate with the newer potentional insurer by answering vital questions about the claims. This leaves me uninsurable until the information is provided.

I’m addition, my ex spouse whom provides the insurance for our teen driver says USAA will no longer issue him a policy for our teen driver on a car he is the sole owner of. Stating it’s due to her residing with me. She’s not 18 so she cannot get a policy on her own, and I am unable to take out a policy for her because she can only be added to an adults policy....of which I cannot obtain because USAA is Not cooperating. So, my next step is to report them to our state insurance bureau.

This is absurd! Do you have any suggestions? Something is definitely wrong with USAA’s underwriting decisions.

Hello @Lake2018 I do show the information you requested was sent out and if you have any further questions on your request please give us a call at 1-800-531-8722 and an agent will be happy to go over the request with you. - Ralph