Joe Hudson Collision Center

After 44 years with USAA, I will be looking for a new car insurance company. My 2021 pickup struck a deer which resulted in front end body damage. The damage was just not that extensive and there was no engine damage.  The USAA recommended Joe Hudson’s Collision Center. The center estimated six days to repair (July 18-23rd). I took the truck to the shop on July 18th and within hours received a text that the estimate jumped to 11 days or July 29th. Every day I received a text that the repair was on schedule. That was until Thursday July 28th. Nothing.  (This was after calling them on Tuesday July 26 and was told my pickup was in QC and I should be getting a call). I checked on-line and now the completion estimate is for 5PM Friday. And of course the shop closes at 5PM.  Why should the repair center rush?  USAA has already paid $3900 to them. That tells me the pickup has just sat in the lot while others were being repaired. Meanwhile I will be eating a $2000 car rental bill. If this shop is the best that USAA can recommend, then something is wrong. I still don’t have a completion date for my pickup. I have no confidence in USAA.      

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This is very concerning to read of your plans to leave after 44 years of membership. We value your loyalty & appreciate you sharing your concerns and experience. I'd be happy to reach out to claims to get an update for you. We never want our members to be disappointed with their claims experience. ~Crystal 

To say I am disappointed would be an understatement. I still have no idea when my truck will be ready for pickup. The collision center stopped contacting me. For the life of me I can't understand why USAA would pay before repairs completed. There is no motivation for the center to complete the repair. 

We fully get your concerns and frustrations with your current auto claim @Aground.  This isn't the experience we want our members to have when trusting USAA with your insurance needs.  I am forwarding your claim to the appropriate team for further review and addressing.  ~Marco