I’m writing this with a heavy heart. After 17 years of loyalty and bragging to my family, friends and anyone who’d listen about how amazing USAA is, I’ve changed my mind. This company is no longer #1 in customer service. They’re not even in the Top 50 anymore! 


I used the USAA Car Buying Service and it was one of the worst experience I have ever had! I got royally screwed from the beginning. I was quoted a low interest rate from USAA, not lower than the 0% financing offered to me from the Ford Motor Company, but low enough for me to throw in with USAA based on my loyalty to the company that has had my back for over a decade. The car buying service is also supposed to be safe and hassle free, so why not try USAA’s service? 


Then I was “bait and switched” at one dealer, lied to and defrauded by a second (confirmed by someone I know in the car sales business) and when my loan paperwork finally gets back to me, the great low rate USAA has quoted me is nowhere to be found! They claim they never offered me that rate and now I’m in a full on war with their complaints department. I asked them to pull the recordings of my calls, but they won’t even get back to me with the transcripts of my calls until 10 days from now. That’s right, I said “transcripts” because they refuse to share those calls with me, so I have to take their word that there was no “mistakes” made in transcription and no “CYA hanky panky” from anyone else along the way.


Do I really have to start recording all of my own calls now? Is that where this is heading?


Anyway, you know how military people are. We share with each other and pass along the scuttlebutt. I’d heard from others that USAA as we knew it had died, and as hard as it is for me to believe, I’m here to tell you it’s true.


This has to be one of the top three worst customer service experiences I have ever had! This is USAA! I get voter forms from them every once in a while, so can’t we vote the C Level leadership out of the company and start over again?


I’m just disgusted and heartbroken. 


@swccmouse, I'm so sorry to hear of this experience. I will have this escalated to a subject matter expert for review. ~ Samantha

be careful recording the calls, in order to use for legal purposes, you must notify the individuals they are being recorded, they may not be willing to go through with that.  you can also read my post about the communication issues I am currently experiencing.  I am also fed up.  Look into a credit union locally, I found hiway credit union by me gave me a 2.73 interest rate, transfered it from the one the dealership put me in a 6%!  quite a savings.

also, I recommend the Costco Auto Program, bought 2 vehicles through them, very good experience and extra savings.

Hey, anyone else notice this? USAA used to make a big deal about how long you’ve been a member. It used to be on my ATM cards, on my checks, on my USAA.com profile, etc.


Look for that information now... where is it? I’m having a hard time finding any information on how long I’ve been a member.


Also, I brought up how long I’ve been a loyal member with one of their customer service reps the other day, and she totally down played it, like it’s not a big deal that I’ve been a member for almost two decades. It’s like they want to be just like other companies who’s customers come and go... no big deal!


Is this a purposeful strategy by our beloved USAA to downplay loyalty among its customers?

read -

From excellence to excrement in 5 short years. for his input too, same deal, terrible and shifty communication practices.