Is USAA Auto Insurance really cheaper than other rivals?

Been with Allstate for 3 years. I wanted to see if USAA offered cheaper price than Allstate. As of August 29th 20, I received a quote for one vehicle that turned out way expensive than Allstate. USAA quoted my truck for $8xx.xx per 6 months while currently Allstate got my one truck and two SUVs for $9xx.xx
Very disappointed.
More than 11 years with USAA.


@LUCKY LUKE- Hi, thank you for considering USAA insurance. I'm sorry to hear that when you quoted with us recently we were unable to reach your pricing goals. We do review our rates and lower them when possible. We're also happy to review and compare our quote with our competitor's policy or quote, this allows us to make sure it is apples to apples protection, or as close as possible. Were you able to speak with one of our insurance professionals when you received your quote?

Every USAA member should shop around.  USAA's rates can easily be beaten.  Maybe if enough members left for the better rates they will find, USAA could start the process to revert back to the company they once were.  But, sadly, I do not think that will happen.