Hi guys,

I'll be buying a new car here shortly and I want to use USAA. I believe in your mission and I admire the way you go about your business. My family accounts are all with USAA.

The current interest rate offer is unfortunately not acceptable. I do appreciate the offer, but the competition (Namely Navy Fed) is trying to entice me with a better deal. Would you guys match their rates? I assure you, my credit worthiness is impeccable.


I doubt if they will. I tried and the dealer is giving me a better rate then USAA and i have been a member for almost 20 years with an 827 credit score.

I have had luck with USAA matching dealer financing and vice versa.  It never hurts to ask.  Good luck!

Hi Kancerous1,


Congratulations on the purchase of a new vehicle, always exciting times!


I have passed this over to the bank and will have a specialist reach out to you to help. Thanks!

Nothing yet from the specialist. If they're trying to call me, please let them know that I am overseas and only reachable via email. Thanks!!



Thank you for letting us know. I have ensured that the specialists reach out via email instead, thanks!