I am looking to find a cost on car insurance and home insurance my husband was in the military and both of my grandsons are in the military and I'm not sure if I can get USAA and get pricing please advise


@Jan72, Hi Jan, we appreciate your husband's military service, if your spouse becomes a USAA member they may share membership with you. We offer USAA auto and homeowners insurance to our members. USAA members may share membership with their spouse and children, but no other family relations. Unfortunately your grandsons will not be able to sponsor you if they are USAA members because of our eligibility requirements. ~Shawna

USAA has been good to me since 1974 with both automobile insurance and homeowner insurance.   Mark, US Army Viet Nam Era

@blumark0- Hi Mark, we appreciate your military service and your membership too! Thank you for 46 years of loyalty and support, we look forward to serving you for many more!~Shawna

Best wishes for USAA going forward.