I had insurance with Usaa for 4 months now and they are already starting to show their true colors. The month of July I called to pay my auto bill and was told by 4 different workers that I don't have to pay my insurance bill for the month of July and I went ahead and went with their word.., when I go to pay my august bill they told me I owe $ 700 for the month of August and they won't let me cancel my policy with them until I pay it !! And every time I call and ask about it the customer service people are so rude to me ! I can't wait to cancel with Usaa


Hello @HfujoA, so sorry for the experience you've had recently with your payments. I want to let you know I've forwarded your message to the best team to review your account further.  

sorry to hear your situation, make sure also to request your full policy of 70 pages, they don't like to let policy holders know the specifics of their own policies, read my entery here for more.


Horrible experience with USAA total loss claims