I have been a USAA members since 2007.  I started with Auto Insurance and then moved on to other products.  I chose USAA because of their military affiliation and lower rates.  I moved from Rhode Island to Hawaii in 2013 and will be moving from Hawaii to Maryland in a few weeks.  I reached out to USAA for a quote to insure my autos. What I got as a quote was considerably more than I'm paying in Hawaii, almost 600 bucks a month more.  I was advised that USAA consdiers many factors when underwriting a policy including INSURANCE SCORE.  Apparently Hawaii does not allow insurance companies to use this score so it was never part of my rate however Maryland does and it is now playing a part in the policy.


I'm wondering why does USAA use this score for existing members, I can understand using this score for brand new member.  I also wonder if USAA thinks I'm going to become less responsible in Maryland?  


Fortunately other major insurance companies(apparently you cant include competitors names on this forum) gave me quotes considerably less than USAA so fortunately for me I'm saving money but unfortunately for USAA theyre losing a customer with numerous products.


I wonder if USAA has forgotten its core mission of supporting members of the military!


@mggvp6, thank you for reaching out I will have your inquiry forwarded to an insurance specialist for further review. ~ Sam

Hello, @mggvp6. Thank you for your membership and trust. I certainly understand your inquiry and concerns. there are a number of other factors that can cause a premium to increase at renewal. Changes you make to your policy such as location changes, adding operators and additional or new vehicles can all cause your premium to increase or decrease, depending on the risk changes. Insurance score is one factor to help determine an appropriate premium in areas that participate in this scoring. This can be beneficial if you have had an active policy and on-time or early payments in your history for a long period of time. Please, let us know if we can assist you further or answer any other inquiries. Thank you again. ~ Steven

USAA has lost its way under the leadership of Stuart Parker.  Unless he resigns, there is no way USAA will revert back to the old USAA that its members would brag about.  Best to leave USAA.  YOu will save money and receive better customer service.

I have yet to find any real benefits with USAA. Did you receive anything more than lip service to your question?