Took my car and home owners policy to an insurance broker because usaa went up on my car insurance premiums from 1261.82 to 1451.09 every six months. There was no change in my driving record or cars. 

The broker found an auto policy, with higher coverage, for 936.35 every six months with a well known carrier. 

Home owners was just under $300 a year cheaper. 

This isn't giving veterans a break, it's ripping them off! I'm going to alert all the people I can through social media to check rates and don't fall for that "giving veterans a break" nonsense. 

I have my mortage, car and home insurance, as well as my credit card with usaa. I fell for that veterans spill but no more. CHECK for better deals. Ussa rates arent hard to beat!

I'm getting rid of it all. I'd change mortage companies if I could!


@Dpaul, This is very discouraging to read and certainly not how we want you to feel about our auto and home insurance. I'm forwarding your information and post to our Subject Matter Experts for additional review and handling. Thank you for taking time out of your day to communicate with USAA. ~ Shane

Today (01/25/2019) I was the victim of an attempted tactic (predatory practice???) by an insurance company via the USAA website to get an additional $250 on RV insurance at the last moment when we were signing for the purchace.  I had been working on a quote for $656 a year since this past Monday and was not able to enter the final purchase infomation until this morning.  When I did enter it and went to purchase the coverage, my rate had gone up to $906!  I contacted them and their reason was that I didn't accept the quote on my first pass.  I had "Saved it for Later".  As I said, I couldn't enter the final piece of info until I got it during the signing.  I have carried insurance with them on my RZR UTV for years.  I canceled it today.  They have lost a customer forever and I have to question USAA working with this company to offer their service.  Not an honorable bunch running that company.

Leave and never look back!!  Shame on you USAA!!

Shane, After a phone conversation where it was explained to me that in order for usaa to achieve its desired profit margins on auto insurance in the Georgia market it was not possible for usaa to be conpetitive. This was the explanation for usaa charging over a thousand dollars a year above market rates here in Georgia for my auto insurance.

It would seem that if, as you constantly promote through your advertising,  your concern is truly "helping out veterans" 

then usaa should withdraw from the georgia market, or at the very least inform veterans that auto insurance in Georgia is available at significantly lower rates. I know this will never happen. Usaa will continue to promote the lie that they give veterans a break because it fools a lot of us who wanted to believe it.

Usaa should do well selling used cars as it has the right ethics for the job!

Thank you for your follow up message and have forwarded your concerns to the appropriate area reviewing your prior message. ~ Joseph

They might raise your premiums again because you're making comments on the message board like they did me

I agree.  I wouldn't put it past USAA to do this.  USAA is just not the company they once were.  What a shame.