I have been a member for over 20 years. Being a member of USAA has always been a great advantage. Till this year, I am not sure what has happen to USAA but they have lost the customer service.
My son joined the military and was going to purchase a new truck on his own. When we called USAA to get interest rates, they gave him the max interest rate that they could of 6%. We decided to wait and see what the dealer would offer since they were offering 0%. He didn't get the 0% but the deal got him the much better then 6%. We started looking at getting my son his own insurance since he would be in another state. He was given a quote of 222 dollars, when we called to get the policy and they raised by 80 dollars. I thought USAA for for our servicemen and women. Not take advantage of....
I decided to buy a truck at the same time and when I used the USAA car buying service... Again could not get a better deal for me and gave my phone and email to the 4 deals that have been harassing me ever since. USAA must be getting a kick back for giving out my information.
3 years ago we had a water pipe leak in the house. The service was excellent. the next 2 years USAA doubled my home owners insurance. I had to change to a new company because they caused my loan to go up over $300.
If USAA continues we will not be members for much longer.


Dear 361X1,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and experience here int he community. I have escalated your concerns to our insurance department and a member service specialist will be in touch. Thak you again for commenting here and for your membership.

Wow.....I thought it was just me! In 2014, i purchased a 2014 Honda Pilot and this year I sold that (because I was restationed in DC) and purchased a 2015 Honda CRV-EX. I tried to use USAA's car buying service (got quotet percentages in the 4s), but the dealer always had a much better interest rate (in the 2s) for me. Geico also gave me much better rates for auto insurance. I'm considering my home loan and insurance at this time. But it's really hard for me to let go of USAA....idk Y....but slowly, yet surely....