Insurance Third party payments

Up until September I was making payments on my two daughters auto insurance (automatic payments from my USAA account). The reason is they are both in college and don't work. Without notice payments stop coming out of my accounts. My daughters were two months without insurance and USAA said nothing. They said a upgraded billing system doesn't allow for 3rd party payments. I'm about feed up with this company. 10 years ago they were about service to veterans, now they are just another greedy corporate entity.
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This is concerning to read @Ponce628 about your recent experience with USAA and the new billing changes.  I certainly get your frustrations and know this isn't the service we want our longtime members to have when trusting your family's insurance needs to us.  I am forwarding your billing experience to the appropriate area to the appropriate are for further review and addressing.  Thank you for your membership and patience as this is received and reviewed. ~Marco