I was reading some forum responses I stumbled across during a Google search on issues with USAA quoted rates. I am a member and so far reasonably happy with my rates. I tell everyone when the subject comes up how happy I am with USAA rates and customer services (should be getting a comission) 

So my fiance signed up for her own account and we called in to get an auto and homeowners quote. I was very confidant USAA would beat the company she uses now and was absolutely shocked at the rates that were given to her. Nearly more than double my annual amount for her car which is worth 1/2 as much and more than double her existing companies rate. She has no tickets and no accident and a very safe car - 

Thinking this must be some kind of glitch we went to home insurance. This quote was unbeliveable! Again, more than double her existing insurance and again nearly double my rate for a house worth 1/2 of mine. She has had no claims and all standard amounts were asked for???

I asked the quoting agent what could be going on. Her only thoughts were tenure (me 10 years, her new) I said I felt tenure was worth something, but these rates were so far out of line something had to be wrong. 

Now reading all these things in the forum I am seeing this is happening to others. I guess I will be quiet anymore when this subject comes up socially from now on. 




Hello @DW123, thank you for sharing your feedback with us, but most of all congratulations on your engagement.  I understand that it can be frustrating when looking into quality coverage with competitive rates especially when the outcome is not what you were expecting.  Many factors go into determining auto and home insurance premiums and when ready, I would gladly review your fiancé's quotes to address her concerns and answer any questions she may have for us.  

OK - so how do we go about doing this and see if some type of glitch occured?

@DW123, in order for us to review her quotes, please have her send a Private Message through her profile so we can locate her information and quotes.  To send a private message, please  have her select her profile name at the top right of the screen and select "My Settings".  From there at the top of your screen she can go to "Private Messenger" and "Turn on Private Messages".  After this she can select her name again from the top right of the screen and select the envelope icon to view and send her own private messages.  Thank you and we look forward to assisting her and answering both your questions and concerns.  Respecfully. ~ Marco

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We will update for those interested based on USAA response