I called today to get help with an insurance problem, the agent was unable to assist me and even gave me wrong informaiton, when I asked to speak to a supervisor or Executive Resolutions, I was badgered as to why, eventually I had to call back, upon doing so the agent said she never heard or Executive Resolutions, and I was told a "Supervisor" was not availabel to speak to me? WTF USAA? 

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Whoa, this is certainly concerning to read, @W4LNY! I do appreciate you reaching out and sharing this with us via the USAA Community. Our goal is always to provide the best experiences to our members, so I certainly understand your concern. I will be sharing this feedback with the appropriate area for further review and support. Thank you again for reaching out and for your loyal membership. ~ Steven

My problem is still not resolved, how can I get help to resolve my Auto Insurance Issue?

#auto #insurance #customerservice #complaint