I received a letter in the mail stating I would be getting a $19.79 credit to my insurance policy. This showed up online on my account. Yesterday I login and the credit has vanished with out any reason. Why did USAA take my credit back?  Another thing I dont understand, I have a clean driving record and yet my insurance keeps going up every six months, yet my 2004 car keeps getting old and the mileage keeps increasing. WHY? WHY ARE MY RATES NOT GOING DOWN? Then I find out USAA is giving its memebers hard earned money away for racial in equality.  Who gave them persmission to give away its memebers money! Very unhappy with USAA, seems they dont care about the customer who pay there bills on time with a clean driving record.  10 to 1 nobody will return my $19.79 credit that vanished from my account, let alone call me to tell me what is going on.  Have a good day! God Bless America! 


@Model A Ford, Thanks for reaching out. There can be a few reasons why you are no longer seeing the credit online. One of the most common is when the credit is sent back to you as a refund. I cannot discuss your specific account details via this channel, but we do have agents available via phone/chat who can review your billing information to research the credit, as well as review your policy to see what is causing the increase in rates and see what options are available to you. Please reach out at your convenience, we look forward to assisting you. ~Danielle

Shop around.  USAA can be beaten on every product they offer.