I donโ€™t like being critical however, I truly am disappointed with the outrageous cost of automobile insurance. Service is extremely poor, getting thru to customer service is a major new version of On Duty PS4 game. Have any of yโ€™all tried getting in touch with a customer service representative... you actually need to see a Pyhchatrist afterwards. I thought that premiums for the state of Michigan were suppose to decrease... I need to be doing comparative shopping right about now!


Customer service?  USAA? Where?

@BRENDA MCCRAW, I am sorry to hear of your disappointment on increasing rates and wanting to shop around for your auto insurance.   However, I am really concerned that you haven't been able to get in touch with a specialist to help review your policy.  Will you send me a Private Message and share details about what is happening that is preventing you from getting connected with us?  ~ Marco

I understand the fustration with the cost of insurance. However, please don't take it out on USAA, take it up with your state representatives.  I once thought the same thing until I began moving from state to state.  The insurance companies have to comply with each state so if you are not satisfied reach out to your state representative to get a better state mandates on insurance  coverages options. You can shop around but no one can beat USAA prices, coverage and customer service!

Awe, @Lynn_h! We appreciate your loyal membership and trust. :) ~ Steven

Wrong.  USAA's prices can easily be beaten.  Just shop around.  I left USAA for way better prices after 40 years with them.