I just discovered my insurance has been cancelled due to non-payment.  I was set up on a payment plan and was informed that I missed a payment.  However, according to the notes in my book, I paid before the due date.

If my insurnace had been cancelled prior to the date of the payment I made, what happened to that payment?


Hi Scubo, We can have a representative review your billing information and track the payment you are referring to. Please give us a call at 800-531-8722 or initiate a chat by selecting HELP at the top of usaa.com. Thank you! ~Danielle

I would love to know what happened here. Because its happened to me too. TWICE now. But the difference is, this time, I have them on record lying to me about when things are due. i have the audio record. Member since 1992. Two cancelations for no. payment. August 2019, and February 10, 2020. Both in the same policy timeframe, both with two payments left. Thats whats called a PATTERN.
and whoa. whoa. Interestingly, when i view my profile, all the posts i made and replies to other posts regarding my first cancelation from back in August......have disappeared! nowhere to be found!.....how very, very interesting.

Hello @DentonFender, I apologize for the frustration with your account. I want to confirm I've forwarded your messages to the best team who can help review things further. -Lori G