I currently have insurance with GEICO, and called USAA for an auto quote.  The quote was literally 3 times higher than GEICO!  I shared my GEICO quote with my USAA rep, and while he was really helpful, neither he nor his supervisor could figure out the difference.

I recognize that there are always going to be some differences in rates based on algorithms that insurers use, but as a USAA member, I am concerned that our organization is so out of line with the competition. I want USAA management to know that members expect them to provide good service (which they do) at a competitive price.

I hope someone from management can take the time to look at this and figure out what went wrong - whether it's a problem with my quote or with the algorithm, that results in USAA being out of line with the rest of the industry.


I asked the auto representative if he could relay these comments to management, and he said that he had no way to do so.  I then tried sending an direct message to USAA, but received a response saying that they were unable to assist me in that forum, and I should call an auto representative. 


So overall, I am dissappointed in the experience - and not just because you weren't the cheapest, but because it feels like USAA isn't making the effort to provide customer service that I expect.  In my mind, that jeoparidizes the reputation of our organization.


@Member2018, I'm sorry to hear that we've disappointed you. This is not the type of experience we like our members to have. Your time is valuable and very important. Thank you for taking time out of your Friday to communicate with us. I am forwarding your post and information to our Subject Matter Experts for additional handling. ~ Shane

@member2018- I recently became a USAA member after realizing I was eligible due to my father’s military service. The first thing I did after my membership was approved was run an auto insurance quote and mine too was much higher with USAA than with Geico, nearly double. It’s such a bummer. Everyone I know talks about how much money they have saved with USAA.