No claims for accident/damage in 40 years and my vehicle premiums went up. Thank you USAA.  You can grandly announce you are spending 50 million bucks on a grand social engineering project but forget where your first priority is---your customers.


@Snapper26 and thank you for over 40 years of trusting USAA to protect you. I understand how upsetting it can be to see your premium increase when you have had no claims. We do recognize and appreciate your great driving record over the years. While your personal claims history ( or lack of)  is considered in your rating, we also look at claims activity and the overall cost of claims in the state as a whole. There are many other factors as well and e are happy to review with you to see what caused the increase and look for options to offset. Have you been able to connect with us and do a review recently? -Meredith

AGREE 100%!  

Hi @RetiredBroome, we appreciate you connecting with us. Is there anything I can help you with? ~Marie