Inability to file a glass claim and schedule an appointment on USAA site

What took me about 5 minutes last summer, on the USAA app, took me over 90 minutes today (most of which was spent waiting to talk to a human). 


Last summer, I filed a claim and scheduled a glass chip repair on line, in about 5 minutes. When I tried to file a claim on the web site today (and also on the app), the USAA site sent me to the Safelite services site, where I left my phone number and email.  I did this on the app and got the same result.  No claim number or repair authorization, no way to schedule the repair.  And NOT what I needed.


When I called USAA for help in filing the claim, I was shuttled to the Safelite call center.  I hung up and called USAA again.  The claims specalist put me in the queue to speak with tech support.  After waiting for 15 minutes to talk with tech support, I spoke to Alfonso, and tried to tell him what I needed.  Without asking, he transferred me to Safelite.  When I told Safelite I wanted help on the USAA site, they transferred me back.  The nice claims specalist did her best to help me get back to tech support, but we got cut off.


So I called back and after waiting on hold for 22 minutes, I finally spoke to someone in tech support.  He could not help me with my problem, so sent me back to a claims specalist.  She also listened to what I was trying to do; she said she only did claims other than for glass and was going to transfer me to Safelite.  After I vehemently protested, she really tried to walk me through filing a claim on the USAA site.  We got the same result as the original time I tried to file a claim today; to input my phone number and email and no claim number or repair authorization or way to schedule the repair.  I now probably have 3 extra authorizations for glass repair...


So I finally gave in and let the USAA claims rep transfer me to the Safelite customer service center.  I gave all the details and asked how to file the claim on USAA (which I had been told numerous times could be done and that Safelite were the folks to help me); she said she only knew how to input the data via a phone call.  When she tried to schedule an appoinement for me, I stopped her and said I wanted to schedule on line and to just finalize the claim.  She then wanted to read me the reason why I should chose Safelite for the repair and that I needed to let her schedule the appointment.  I said no and to finish the claim--she had to get her manager to help, but after over 1.5 hours, I finally had an authorization to the the glass repaired.


So what happened to USAA?  Why was no one at USAA able to help me?  My best guess is that glass repair has been sub-contracted out and the USAA empolyees no longer have any knowledge or ability ho help.   Why not just put that in writing on the claims web site??


What a disappointment.  Strike 2, USAA.


@Dan 63, I'm so sorry to hear about your experience filing the claim and any frustration that took place. We always want to make the claim process as easy as possible for you. Safelite handles the USAA glass repair program, and has done so for many years. I am going to escalate your concerns for further review. Please expect contact within 3-4 business days. -LeKisha