By way of background I’m a retired USAF officer who has been a member of USAA for 36 years, starting out with auto and renter’s insurance and eventually using their banking and investment services.  My wife is also has been a USAA member for as long and is a retired USAF officer also.  We have a living trust and as she’s a doctor when we married long ago she did not change her last name as it’s troublesome to get your license and DEA documentation changed.  We elected not to merge all of our accounts but have kept separate checking, savings, credit card, mutual fund accounts, etc. all under the trust with USAA.  Somewhere along the way USAA required that one of us be the “primary” for our co-owned trust assets with them and although I outrank my wife technically she’s the one more interested in number crunching so we decided she could be designated as such.  I still have my own USAA number and she has hers.  In theory we are separate individuals with our own accounts with USAA but herein lies the problem.


A few weeks back we had a severe hail storm and my 2019 SUV was damaged.  We both have our own vehicles, we individually research and purchase these vehicles, pay from them from our separate checking accounts, but they are titled in the living trust and insured with USAA.  I called USAA, filed the damage claim with them and based on some other dealings with the company in the past where they insist on deferring to my wife I was very specific in requesting that ALL of the correspondence, e-mail, and phone calls be made to me and not my wife.  She’s very busy, it’s not her car and she doesn’t have to deal with what’s essentially my issue.


What has followed is the crux of my complaint; virtually nothing that I requested has been honored.  From the start every email has been addressed in her name and gone to her G-mail account.  Phone calls from the adjustor go to her cell phone and not mine.  We worked around that but what the last straw for me was when she forwarded me another email from USAA while she was at work soliciting feedback on how the claims process was going.  When I tried logged on to USAA to respond since I’m the only one who has been involved in the process all I get is a message telling me I’m not authorized to access this claim information.  Just got another one from them last evening looking for more feedback, perhaps this post will give them some insight.


Calling USAA was an exercise in futility; I was pretty angry at this point and the poor woman was very nice and conciliatory but she ultimately wasn’t able to do anything after 20 minutes of conversation.  About 10 minutes later another person called from USAA to my cell phone and when I answer she addresses me by my wife’s rank and last name!  I cut her off at that and explained her error and ended the call.  USAA promptly paid the claim based on the estimate, the car’s in the shop being repaired and should be ready later this week.  They did start Cc’ing me on the emails on the claim but they are all addressed to my wife.  Going to the body shop for the appointment that I made; it was registered under my wife’s name due to the documentation they got from USAA, ditto at the car rental place.  Nine years ago I had a weather related damage claim to my car and experienced nothing like this.


I realize this is a bit of a rant; but what I’d expect from a company that I’ve been a client (“member”) of for 36+ years is a little respect and recognition of my identity as an individual.  To be locked out of the insurance claim for my own car on a policy that I paid the last premium for is infuriating.  My wife and I are so-called “wealth management” members of USAA because we have a fairly significant amount of cash and investments with them but I will tell you that status means nothing in reality.  You still have to call and go through their frustrating phone screening tool and when you reach a live person mostly you get patronizing responses to your concerns, it’s generally not a gratifying experience.  We’ve given decades of loyalty to this company that does not feel like it is being reciprocated.  Maybe it’s time to bank locally and check out the rates the competitors are offering?  Any one else go through anything like this?  


@Hasbro, I am terribly sorry to hear that you are having these concerns with the handling of your auto claim. I have located the claim and I am escalating this to a specialist. They will look into your situation and reach out to you. Thank you.

I am having the same issue. I’ve only been a member for 25 years, but I was told today by a rep he would not transfer me to a supervisor after 4 requests.  He said he would refer me to one. 48 business hours or 3-5 days for a response?