I received the 2 devices for the 2006 Chevy Silverado and the 2011 Hyundai Elantra Ltd vehicles.

The Chevy installed in seconds

The Elantra has a problem.

The device plug in is behind a fuse door on the dashboard.

When I plug in the device, the door will not go back on because the panel door hits the device.

Can't drive around with the fuse door off.

What is the solution?

Can anyone out there solve this?




Hi Stan!

I am waiting for an answer to your question and will post here when I have a response! Thanks for posting in the community!

FYI:  I stopped at my Hyundai Dealer and the Service Rep said the only way this works is if you leave the fuse door off.

The device plug in is right behind the door and the thumb hole to remove the panel prevents the device from being installed.  There is no door replacement for this on the 2011 Elantra Ltd vehicle.  Seems the Hyundai design engineers put a sensor plug in a place where you need to leave the door off to work.  Safety problem for sure and must have been on a bender when they positioned the plug.

So this device is useless for this vehicle unless you know how to install it and keep the fuse door on.


Here is the response form our experts:


Thank you for your inquiry. These ports were designed for temporary diagnostic access, so there are times when the location of the port is not conducive to long-term installation of a device while driving. Depending on the particular vehicle’s port and door configuration, some members are able to drive with their port cover removed or pulled backwards and affixed to the dash to eliminate the door from getting in the way. If you have determined that the configuration of your port or its cover do not allow you to operate your vehicle safely, please discontinue use of the device and cancel that vehicle’s enrollment from the program. As part of USAA’s Research Program, we have collected your feedback and plan to provide information like this in a more proactive manner for any future program that may be developed.


To manage your vehicle’s participation in the program, please go to www.usaa.com/drivingresearch and access the Account Services section to the right of the page.  Thank you for your feedback and participation in the program.