As I make this post I am a day away from the 10 week mark of getting in my first ever accident in almost 16 years of driving. It was a small fender bender that should have been a quick and easy fix without any trouble, but boy was I wrong about that. My first mistake was thinking usaa was a reliable and reputable insurance company. It didn't take long for me to discover how wrong I was. I would have been better off getting insurance from a keyosk in the mall, possibly even an ad on a bus bench, definitely from an unverified seller on ebay, and without a doubt better insurance can be gotten from I don't have time to go into full detail at the moment but to sum it up I've waited 10 weeks for a bumper and fender to get replaced. The hood and wheel that were also damaged in the accident are not however being touched by the body shop because usaa won't let them. Why won't they let them? Because they have Ray Charles working in the appraisal department and Helen Keller filing the paperwork. I've waited so long for my vehicle to be fixed that rather than continue to pay for a rental car out of pocket after usaa just quit paying one day, I went out and bought another vehicle rather than fight with usaa over extending my rental coverage. So now here I am 10 weeks post accident with absolutely no clue when I will be getting my vehicle back from the shop because usaa has decided that they don't wanna pay for anything and denies every supplement that's been submitted. If I knew it was going to take an act of congress to get a fender bender repaired by usaa I would have just gone with "the general" for insurance years ago. I would have had the same problems trying to get my vehicle fixed but I would have saved thousands of dollars on premiums over the years and been better mentally prepared for an accident with knowing that I have the world's worst insurance company going into it. I guess all I can do is wait for usaa to finish giving me my colonoscopy, ask politely for a doughnut to sit on, and wait patiently for the swelling to go down.


This is extremely disturbing to hear. I see that we've escalated your prior post was escalated to our experts. I'm so very sorry for the frustration that has been caused due to your claim. I will forward your additional frustrations and feedback to our best team to make sure your concerns are addressed properly. ~Marie

I first joined USAA in the early/mid 1980s and they were truly the premier banking and financial services company, that trusted and valued car mechanic who's always right and never overcharges, so to speak. Perhaps that is why their fall has been more significant than other companies- they simply had farther to fall, from the highest peaks to integrity to the murky depths of avarice, rank dishonesty, and incompetence.


Your analogy is apt- you'd be better off buying insurace from the guy sending you spam e-mails!

File a complaint with the BBB - it is not hard to find the website and they are required to respond.