I remember when


I have been a member with USAA since *    I remember when service was vantastic.    Not anymore.   Service is terrible.   Time to move on.     Too bad.  


My latest dealing with USAA reminded me of the DMV.   Any excuse not to provide service.    Today's excuse was we won't insur the new vehicle without the VIN.  I told the representative that the dealership would call her on Monday with the specifics.  Her response, authorization to speak with the dealer is only good for twenty four hours (today is Saturday).   In the old days, I would simple call one time to USAA and all was done.      


Sad.   How far they have fallen.  




It is unfortunate to read of your recent service experience on this.  Please know however that coverage from your current policy will extend to a newly acquired vehicle for a period of up to 30 days.  You will receive the broadest coverage available on your current policy.  This means that if you have one car with physical damage coverage, and the other without it, you will receive the one with comprehensive and collision included.  This applies to most states including your own as well.  I do thank you for providing the other feedback in our Member Community, and it is a privilege to serve you.  Sincerely  -  Justin

"I remember when,"


USAA customer service is non-existent!  I was a member for 31+ years and I have dropped everything!  Better opportunities exist in every market segment.  USAA does not care if you leave, they will blow smoke up your fourth point of contact, but in the 'end' they don't care! Money! Money! Money!  They want want new pigeons, not old, smart birds. Reccommend you break contact! Good Luck and God Bless!