Question for everyone because I am new at this. I just bought a vehicle and I kind of rushed into it and I made a mistake in the vehicle I wanted. Unfortunately I had to finance my vehicle. And I owe about 6,995 on this vehicle is their anything I can do to get rid of this vehicle and get another one from a reliable dealership. Someone please help???


Hi Sgt,
It's going to be very hard to get rid of it. My friend made the same mistake. The dealership didn't want it back(&that was 6hrs later-after buying),everybody else wanted to buy it $3500 less than she bought. She didn't like the car at all.She went loking for another car, applied for new financing, luckily she was approved. She bought the car she wanted and let them repo the one she didn't like. It's not a good idea because they report it on your credit. So if you can't get a buyer &sell then payback your finance company for the buyer to get their title, then just stay with it&let it serve you for a while, then you can buy your favorite. I'll be watching for replies just incase there's a better way to handle it in future incase i have the same problem.