USAA; To Whom It May Concern,                                                                 22 February 2018 
While I was serving in the US Army for 20 years USAA would only insure Officers.  As a result of that, while I was in Germany from 1971 through1974, my Wife and I had to sell, at a significant loss, a 1970 Caprice Classic Chevrolet we had recently purchased.  As I still owed a balance on the vehicle, I could not afford full coverage insurance through a German company, and USAA would not insure me because of my E-6 enlisted status.  Consequently, we were forced to drive old, worn out cheap vehicles that we could pay cash for that only required PLPD insurance for my three year tour there.  
USAA has since changed that policy, but for me, it's too little and too late.  I will NEVER have USAA Insurance and will relate my story to anyone considering using USAA.  Not only that, due to my family's excellent driving records and impeccable credit rating, we get superior blanket insurance coverage far better than USAA can provide for considerably less than your company's quote.  What goes around come's around.
US Army, Retired.         


Are you serious?? Some might say that the bigger USAA got--the less satisfactory services/support they received. Lets not talk about the banking side of the organization. My dad was in that same boat (Italy) back in the 70s--living by the paycheck as a Navy Petty Officer with two kids. He had to go with a local insurance company before Geico was even available--much later. He lost two nice vehicles to theft and it took some time for him to get back on track.  I've seen some healthy increases on my homeowners/auto policies since the mid-late 90s. Yes--USAA isn't as good/competitive as they were back in the 80s-90s--and it might be time to move on. You seem to just have a gripe about what happened over 40+yrs ago. I hope you can find the peace to put it behind you and move on. A lot of long term members are also moving on because USAA isn't what it used to be. Good luck.