I have been a USAA member for 5 years. I have used USAA for insurance, loans, and everyday banking. 

In late June, I was rear ended by someone on a major interstate. Initially I wasn't concerned because I knew I could trust USAA to handle everything. I WAS WRONG!.

I contacted USAA about a rental car. I was heavily questioned about why I needed a rental and why I couldn't drive my own car. I told them that I couldn't drive it because the rear end was now 1 foot shorter and things were falling off of it. They got me in a rental car, but only for a week. Not enough time to find to a decent vehicle. 

When they deemed my car a total loss that is when the biggest issues happened...

I was offered $3,200 on a car I still owed $9,000. I asked them about it and they gave me "it's what your car was worth before the accident". I asked how they came up with that number and they said the use comparable cars. I did some research of my own and found comparable cars worth $9,500. They  said they would not accept those. 

I also told them that I had lights and a siren installed. They hounded me about getting a (4 year old) invoice. After calling the company, I got the invoice for the $1,400 of emergency equiptment and sent it to USAA. I was then told it was a "personal preference" item and it added no value to the car. I asked if I could go remove them. I was told I'd have to bring a licensed mechanic. So I have to pay more to get things that belong to me out of my car. That sounds a bit sketch.


Through this entire process USAA has been nothing but terrible to me. They have not been on my side through anything, even though the other driver's insurance said they would reimmburse USAA. 

I feel like I have put so much trust into USAA and they have failed as a company to provide service. It is a shame not only what you are doing to me, but what you are doing to our service members. 


@AWerner Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding your claims experience. I have have escalated your concerns to a subject matter expert to review further. They will be following up with you in the next 2 to 3 business days. 

Poor service to members, Im really concerned. Doesnt seem very ethical

I know the feeling! Don’t know what state you are in but I would hire an appraiser to value my vehicle. See if you have that option. Look at your policy and read about rental car coverage you have. It’s a war dealing with them.

I know the feeling. 

How did this end?


We're in a similiar situation. Had to hire an appraiser.