I am absolutely distraught with My horrible insurance company

I have had USAA for about ten years and I have had the worst experience with them after our truck was stolen. It’s been five months of trying to get them to cover the issues and damages our truck has after it being stolen. They have had us running around getting more and more diagnostics. Getting proof of maintence. We even got them an inspection of the truck being in great condition prior to it getting stolen and they still are not trying to cover it. Getting all the things done is fine. If they were going to cover the damages. They are the Worst insurance by far. I use to say the contrary. I use to praise what amazing insurance I had. But after having to prove our case to my own insurance. After the people who stole the truck were arrested and in custody is beyond me. I’ve been patient and cooperative but it’s
Come to the point where I’m basically being forced to reach out for outside help to make my insurance company do their job. So unfortunate. I’ve been calling a representative with USAA who supposedly was trying to help us on the case. But she doesn’t return my calls or call for follow up. They are horrible. I’ve been on top of this issue. My mechanic even clearly stated this was not pre existing. And they keep making up to not cover the damages. Saying that it is wear and tear with nothing supporting their statement. It’s ridiculous. I never thought I would find my self in this sort of predicament but when you have an insurance who doesn’t care about their customers. This is what happens.


@member875, I am terribly sorry to hear about your concerns regarding your stolen vehicle claim. I have located your information and I am escalating this to a subject matter expert to review further. Please allow 2-3 business days for them to be able to review your situation and reach out to you. Thank you.