I Think USAA lost their Way, the new leadership is out of touch!


I wonder who was the genius USAA representative that schedule my policy cancellation in Memorial Date. And what is the message USAA is trying to convey by that? I think USAA losing its way or taking notes from the president's handbook. "Say you support us and then turn your back when is time to deliver" Imagine the disaster that will be if soldiers had the same attitude during combat! Brothers, we veterans will never forget the ultimate Sacrifice you made for us in battle. HappyMemorialDay!


Over the last few years, I've notice a gradual decline in the level of customer support, customer appreciation, and customer service received from USAA.   

Service used to be their hallmark.

Quality used to be a synonymous with their service.

Now it seems it's 'profit' as the ultimate goal.

For the first time in 20 years, I've had a homeowners claim ...

Do you think they've an assigned agent to take charge and facilitate the matter on my behalf?  Well the answer is:  No.

That whole department has been most unhelpful and disjointed. 

This was surprising and has me re-thinking my dedication to USAA. 

@JustJane, this is certainly not the experience we want you to have when you file a claim with us. I have located your file and will notify both your adjuster and their manager of your concerns.  Please allow up to one business day for them to respond by phone. - Ina