I Really Want to like USAA but . . . . . . . . . . . .

On Monday of this week, I sold my wife's car which had been financed with USAA.  I scanned the buyer's  Redstone Federal Credit Union Offiical check and uploaded it to my USAA checking account.   When I logged on to USSA website to pay off the loan and get the paperwork to the buyer, I discovered USAA had put a hold on over half of the amount on the Credit Union OFFICIAL check and MAY not release the remainder of the payment until this SATURDAY.  Come on folks, this is NOT a personal check on someone's account, it is an OFFICIAL check on a FCU, written and processed by the FCU, NOT the buyer.  Sure made me look like a chump because I cannot get the paperwork to the buyer necessary to license his car.  Fast forward to today, STILL USAA has NOT cleared the check to allow me to pay off my car loan.  USAA still has NOT released the funds so I can pay the loan off AND they are charging me daily interest of approximately $5 because I could NOT pay off the loan because USAA is HOLDING the funds.  In this day of electronic banking, USAA has had THREE full business days and a half to process the check and release the funds to me SO I CAN PAY OFF THE LOAN AT USAA!  I have talked to USAA until I am blue in the face and my blood pressure is ready to explode, and NO ONE can help me.   I have set up most of my electronic bill pay accounts at my local Wells Fargo and I am just going to move my banking to them.  I could have deposited the FCU Check, gotten immediate credit, had them send an electronic funds transfer, and my loan would have been paid off this past Tuesday.   I know NO ONE at USAA gives a sh-t, but neither do I.  I have tried to like USAA but every time I try, they do some stupid sh-t like this and just irritate the sh-t out of me!  IS THIS ANYWAY TO RUN A RAILROAD?!!!!!!  41 years with them count for NOTHING.  I have read their Agreement and es macht kein Sinn.   I will NEVER finance ANYTHING with USAA again and will NEVER recommend USAA to anyone!


@Rigo18, I'm sorry to hear of this experience you had with us. I have located you in our system and will be forwarding your details to a subject matter for further review. ~Sarah 

3 Hours ago, another business day gone by and STILL the funds are on hold.  NOT GOOD!!!!!!!

ANOTHER DAY AND THE FUNDS ARE STILL ON HOLD!!!!!!!  Does USAA really need the daily interest on this loan that badly??????

@Rigo18. USAA should have provided a hold notice showing the amounts and timeframe for each hold amount.  Regulation CC governs holds.  Read this link for into on the requirements and timeframes.  https://www.bankersonline.com/regulations/12-229-000

I just left USAA after they lowered my credit card limit from $20,000 to $500 for “This decision was based on your account inactivity for an extended period “...nothing about credit worthiness.  I have an 840 credit score and have had credit since 1973 without any issues.  I closed my credit card and CD’s with USAA and not looking back. 

I hear you and may not be far behind you.  I have my local Wells Fargo account set up to begin paying my bills and I may just move everything to them.  Tired of the BS!  41 years with them count for nothing!  

Oh no @Rigo18, I do regret to hear of that experience as that is certainly not how we want our members to feel. I was able to locate your profile and will share these concerns with the appropriate area for further review. Once reviewed they will contact you. Thank you in advance for your patience. -Emily 

Your error was closing the cards.  Should keep cards active only to show longterm credit history....just never use them again.   USAA’s hybrid section with Experian is a flying joke.   USAA/Experian figures don’t even mesh with Experian’s numbers.   I feel your pain: usaa/Experian dropped mt FICO score from 850 (maximum for Experian) to 816 because they moved my HELOC froim the real estate section to revolving credit.  By their own definition, revolving credit is credit cards...but can inclde a HELOC while you can draw against the HELOC).  Two credit reports showed revolving credit jumping from $902 to more than $39,000!!!  Now THAT’S a credit card debt!    USAA said my credit union must have changed its repoerting procedure.  Credit union verified: nope, hadn't changed for years, so not their fault.  USAA/Experian also started listing three addresses as my addresses...my son’s in Texas; my daughter’s in Illinois...and one in my current town, but I can’t even find it on GPS.   USAA is getting flakier everey year.  The only reason I haven’t left is the hassle of changing all those external records.   But no one should cancel a card as it stays on your record for years.   ‘Bye-‘bye.  Sorry to see you hurt by USAA.  Best of luck whewrever you go.   Hint: go with credit unions...they tend to have lower operating costs and pay equal to or better than banks.  Tchuss!

@oldsoldier, I'm sorry to hear of this experience you had with us. I have located you in our system and will be forwarding your details to a subject matter for further review. ~Sarah 

The Saga continues!  I was told this morning the title would be FEDEX'd to me today (Monday) and if I did not have the tracking number by 1700 or so, to call them back.  Checked email at 1900, no email from USAA with Tracking Number, so I called USAA titles office again.  This time I was told USAA has to have a full 24-hour business day before they can release the title and since they didn't release my funds until this past Saturday, Monday is the 24-hour business day.  Man!  Do I feel like the goal line keeps moving.  Now, I am told the title will NOT be released by USAA until Tuesday and FEDEX'ed to me then, maybe!  I'm pulling out what little hair I have left just trying to keep up with the BS.  The poor guy who bought my car is probably doing the same.  I told the USAA Customer Service lady who called me today, I will NEVER finance a car or anything else with USAA ever again.