How to get out of a lease without damaging my credit



I have just passed my first year, out of three, on my current leased vehicle. Is there any way or method that I may get out of my lease without damaging my credit? I have started a new career as a merchant seaman and will be gone 8-10 months out of the year. With that much time away from home, I find there is no reason to pay monthly payments on a vehicle I will not be able to drive. The dealership gave me the buyout option, which is still defeated by the point I will not be able to drive it while away.



You would need to find someone to take over your lease payments. If you don't have anyone you know, you can try online at

You can also trade it in for another car.
If I trade it in, they will add the $11K that I still owe them on top of the car I trade it in for ... 😁😁