How to file a Complaint internally with USAA

Ke Ke De

I need to file a complaint internlaly with USAA. They cancelled our insurance on the wrong vehicle when we traded in for a new vehicle in July of 2018. when i called I attempted to drop one of our vehicle and transfer covergae to our new jeep. They transferred coverage, but canceled insurace on the wrong car. Our less expensive older car may I mention too. So lord knows how much we have been overpaying since July.


Even though the rep told me on the phone he could see it was USAA error, he is having me file and handle a covergae dispute with USAA. As the vehicle that was incorrectly cancelled coverage wise has a cracked windshield. We only foudn this out due ot the claim on this vehicle being denied.


I just need to know where I can file a complaint within USAA, please.


@ Ke Ke De,

I have engaged our team who handles formal complaints, and they will review your concerns in closer detail then reach out to you to discuss your situation.  Please allow 2-3 business days for contact.  Thank~Mike