How to buy a car (USAA car buying service is useless)

If you are wondering how to negotiate buying a new car do this: Take the MSRP and multiply that number by .7 (This is probably around what the dealer's actual cost is). Take this number and multiply by 1.125 (This provides a margin for the dealer's overhead and processing). This is where you should negotiate.

USAA car buying service may save you ~$3400 off MSRP but you can do much better.

Also for Central Kentucky I would recommend removing Rod Hatfield Chevrolet and adding Sutherland Chevrolet. Rod Hatfield doesn't represent USAA well and I regret stopping by. Sutherland however was fantastic and I will utilize them again in the future.


More specifically since Rod Hatfield was a certified dealer I figured utilizing USAA financing would be a breeze. However they were vehemently opposed accepting any financing that wasn't their own. Sutherland Chevy accepted USAA no problem and remarked how simple and easy the USAA process was.