Bit of backstop, I am in the market for a used truck, I bought a car when my old truck finally kicked the bucket. I figured I could adjust my life easily enough to make a car work. I could not. I work construction and can no longer haul material, so I have to rely on other guys on the job, or borrow a truck from a friend. I can't take my canoe out, or I have to borrow a truck, can't go crabbing with the lady or I have to borrow a truck. All in all, it's time I get in a truck again.

I will be stuck eating a decent chunk of negative equity to roll into a new loan due to getting rid of the car so soon after purchasing it. (approx. 3,500) so to keep the notes in my comfort range, and to avoid financing the vehicle for entirely too long I'm looking at a lot of 7-10 year old trucks with less than 100,000 miles.

Does anyone know how old and how many miles usaa will finance?

(For the record, credit score is right at 700)


Hi there!  To answer your questions regarding how old and how many miles we will finance, there are no restrictions on age or milage.  We will confirm the value during the application to let you know what we are able to approve you for. You may start your application by clicking on the Products tab, and click on Auto Loan. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. ~Jen